lsvt big program for Parkinson's disease Deerfield Beach

LSVT Big Program

LSVT® BIG is an exercise treatment programme for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is based on the principle that the brain can learn and change (neuroplasticity). We have a Deerfield Beach therapist at Preferred Physical Therapy whom is certified in the BIG Therapy Program. This Program is helping patients with Parkinson’s disease to improve function and slow motor deterioration by retraining sensory, motor and cognitive functions through intensive exercise and patient empowerment. Research on LSVT BIG began in 2001 and indicates that people with PD show improvement on ratings of motor functioning, including:

  • Faster walking with bigger steps
  • Improved balance
  • Increased trunk rotation
  • Improvements in activities of daily living, such as bed mobility
  • Improved UPDRS Motor Score

Here are just 3 of many Data-based articles evaluating the efficacy of the LSVT BIG

  • Millage, B., Vesey, E., Finkelstein, M., & Anheluk, M. (2017). Effect on Gait Speed, Balance, Motor Symptom Rating, and Quality of Life in Those with Stage I Parkinson’s Disease Utilizing LSVT BIG®. Rehabilitation Research and Practice, 2017, 9871070.
  • Ueno, T., Sasaki, M., Nishijima, H., Funamizu, Y., Kon, T., Haga, R., Arai, A., Suzuki, C., Nunomura, J, Baba, M, Tomiyama, M. (2017). LSVT_BIG Improves UPDRS III Scores at 4 Weeks in Parkinson’s Disease Patients with Wearing Off: A Prospective, Open-Label Study. Parkinson’s Disease, Epub Feb 1.
  • Ebersbach G, Grust U, Ebersbach A, Wegner B, Gandor F, Kuhn AA. (2014). Amplitude-oriented exercise in Parkinson’s disease: a randomized study comparing LSVT-BIG and a short training protocol. Journal of Neural Transmission, 122(2), 253-6.