Mimi F.

“Dear Trevor and the entire staff!

Beyond my wildest expectations, I am thrilled to let you know that thanks to you, along with your ENTIRE staff, I am free at last! Free from the most debilitating effects of vertigo.

You Trevor, correctly pinpointed and treated most effectively, what I was told by many sufferers of vertigo, would be a long and drawn out treatment. The exercises you sent me home to practice, were sufficiently and patiently explained. I am certain that this greatly enhanced and attributed to my recovery so soon.

It is not for nothing that your facility is often “Preferred” and the choice of so many discerning people in need of physical therapy.

​The friendly, caring and respectful manner which is extended to every person coming to Preferred Physical Therapy is so very commendable, and greatly appreciated.

Your choice of naming your facility Preferred Physical Therapy, says it all!

Many thanks to you all,”