Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Preferred for treatment of chronic headache, tmj, and neck pain upon the recommendation of my neurologist. I had been suffering from a consistent headache for about six months when I met Trevor for my first appointment. I immediately felt comfortable by his warm demeanor and clear passion for his work. He did a thorough evaluation and gave me some exercises that started to help the pain before I left the office. I was then assigned to Raquel as my primary physical therapist. I have been working with Raquel now for almost three months and have gone from an every day-all day headache to headache free most of the time. I have been to many physical therapists in my life due to various injuries and Raquel is by far the best. Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology is in unmatched. That coupled with her caring medical intuition that comes from years of experience makes her the best of the best. The office itself is a very clean COVID safe environment as all protocols are strictly followed. The staff are very friendly and try their best to make you feel comfortable and at home. They really deserve six stars 🐱
    John D.

  • I can only say the best about the Preferred Physical Therapy team. I’ve spent a lifetime in intense sports and have gotten treatment for decades. This team is simply the best. I’ve been going here on a weekly basis for treatment and have been amazed at how the entire team came together to find the best solutions for my issues. I cannot be more grateful to them for their professionalism, humility, work ethic, and personal investment in my wellbeing. A big thank you to Rafael and Trevor for their work and dedication. They are personally invested in my improvement and they have helped me tremendously.

    Israel Monteiro

  • Had a sudden onset of Vertigo – Was recommended to see Trevor from my PCP- I cannot say enough about my experience- The Front staff was courteous and knowledgeable, they are taking every precaution with COVID and my situation was resolved in (2) Visits – Trevor spent a great deal of time educating on the cause and also what can be done to treat and hopefully prevent from future occurrences- THIS place is 5 stars and would not hesitate to send anyone here for their PT needs- THANKS TREVOR AND TEAM!
    Don C.

  • Trevor is AMAZING. His attention to my needs makes me feel very confident in his care. His unique approach to rehab has me feeling better every time I see him. I am seeing him for dizziness/vestibular ocular rehab. He is SOOOO knowledge, but explains the concept and the body in a very easy way to understand what could be going on with you. His staff is very friendly. Even as someone who is very cautious of COVID, I feel comfortable going to this practice because of the precautions they’re taking and the cleanliness of equipment/rooms.
    Jamie B.

  • I am very pleased with Preferred Physical Therapy. It is a very inviting, clean and safe atmosphere, where the therapists give their undivided attention solely to their patients. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and truly care for their patients wellbeing. I would like to thank my PT Michael for such excellent treatments regarding several of my issues and Trevor for his expertise in treating my vertigo. Lastly, the front desk receptionists put a great deal of effort in accommodating patients busy schedule with future appointments. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that wants exceptional care that they truly deserve.

    Linda M.

  • I was fully satisfied with my experience. My therapist was knowledgeable and competent. She helped motivate me to do the work necessary for my recovery.
    Philip S.

  • The entire staff was caring, professional and helped me so incredibly much with my vertigo. I am beyond pleased with how attentive and kind my therapist was. I highly recommend them to anyone.
    Jennifer N.

  • I had a really enjoyable experience at this facility! The ENTIRE staff is very amicable and organized, creating an extremely welcoming environment. I would HIGHLY recommend Eric! He is very personable and extremely knowledgable on the entire process of healing and strengthening. I went in with a shoulder injury, and he was able to fully heal it with a personalized and methodic process. Any issue that came up with my shoulder it seems he could understand exactly what was going on and solve it with ease. 5/5 stars!
    Avi M.

  • I would like to thank everyone at Preferred Physical Therapy especially Trevor I cant say enough about you and your staff! before arriving I was reading everything on the internet regarding my Vertigo I had very little hope While spending time talking with Trevor in his office he took his time and explained everything to me in detail Trevor is so skilled at listening and understanding and compassionate on what he is doing Trevor then did some maneuvers on me and I’m now 100% cured it’s unbelievable he is simply the best!!!


  • I just finished 12 sessions there for my shoulder and couldn’t have been treated any better. My therapist, Rafael was very professional and helped greatly. Could not be happier with what they did for me.


  • My right shoulder is just now starting to improve. All your staff are extremely welcoming & professional!


  • So far I’m pleased with the physical therapy at Preferred Physical Therapy. The facility is clean and I’m starting to feel much relief. Melia has been terrific to work with. Her knowledge and patience is appreciated.


  • I would like to thank Trevor for taking care of my husband’s vertigo. He has treated me for vertigo as well and my husband’s shoulder. He is very professional and truly cares for his patients. I highly recommend Trevor and staff for any physical therapy.


  • I am continually blown away by the unparalleled quality of Preferred Physical Therapy every time I go there. Trevor is extremely knowledgeable and adept at educating patients about their conditions. He is incredibly meticulous in developing and customizing a treatment plan to address each patient’s individual issues. His passion for what does and for the patients he cares for shines through his work constantly. As the owner of Preferred Physical Therapy, Trevor leads by example and the rest of the therapists there also all provide exceptional care for each patient. Every single patient is treated like family at Preferred Physical Therapy. If you ever find yourself needing physical or occupational therapy, this is the best place for it! You will not regret coming!


  • After having a knee replacement and two weeks of therapy, at home, I began coming to Preferred Physical Therapy. I was met by an extremely pleasant office staff and Dr. Trevor Meyerwitz. Dr. Meyerwitz was extremely knowledgeable in my assessment and my therapist, Michael has been outstanding! I would recommend this facility to everyone!!


  • Both my wife and I are presently patients. The staff is great. They take a very personal interest in their work and are very caring.


  • Absolutely amazing therapy place. This is a is healthcare spa runs by Mr.Trevor Meyerowitz -director with an international team of therapists. They treat my husband and me like family members! All therapists there are very knowledgeable and really caring people. Thanks to all of you.


  • Trevor truly cares about his patients and his staff is top notch and professional.


  • I was so pleased with the care, concern, and therapy I received. I received a thorough evaluation with my concerns carefully listened to. My physical therapist was Leslie who at each visit asked how I was doing, how I was since the last visit and where did I currently have pain. She was wonderful and patient! I unconditionally recommend this facility. It is a clean, welcoming, professional facility. Everyone is so caring including the front desk staff (amazing how Pat remembers each patient, even after just one visit)! Trevor (owner) treats each patient like family!


  • The therapists are well trained and compassionate with patients. My therapist found out why I was still in so much pain and made sure I went to my orthopedic doctor for more tests. She was spot on with what was wrong. Preferred Physical Therapy staff are all caring individuals. I have used Preferred Physical on more than one occasion and would use them again. Trevor is phenomenal.


  • Trevor is a bright and dedicated physical therapist. He is a very good listener and did a great job taking me through the diagnostic process, explaining why my challenges were occurring and establishing a treatment plan to help me. The front office staff is always helpful and kind. I appreciate Preferred Physical Therapy.


  • The best physical therapy in the area with professional and caring therapists. I enjoyed every minute of my therapy, and actually miss the three days a week I spent there.


  • “Since I started therapy using the Balance System with the Parachute Harness, I have stopped falling.”


  • “Therapy has helped me return to soc“Therapy has helped me return to soccer after my knee surgery.”cer after my knee surgery.”


  • “The Pilates equipment you have at your clinic is unbelievable.”


  • “After my horse riding accident, I was limping for weeks. The therapists were able to focus the treatment to correct muscles and I had no pain within 3 treatments.”


  • “Therapy has helped me return to an active lifestyle.”


  • “I can’t believe how my back pain disappeared after therapy.”


  • “My patients come back to me with glowing reports about Preferred Physical Therapy.”

    Dr T.

  • “The patients I have referred to you are very happy with their therapy at Preferred. I love sending them your way.”

    Dr S.

  • “You have helped my husband so much with his swallowing and his walking. You guys are such a gem.”


  • “I can’t believe how my back pain disappeared after therapy. It was so fast. I wish I knew about Preferred Physical Therapy sooner.”


  • “The personal attention and all the time that my therapist spends with me has made all the difference in my treatments.”


  • “I was always afraid of falling but since Preferred’s Therapy Team has been working with me in my condo, I have lost all fears.”


  • “My therapist was so dedicated and knowledgeable about my condition, she got me up and walking independently after my total knee replacement.”


  • “I look forward to seeing my caring therapist at home because they bring such different equipment that has really made all the difference.”


  • “Since Sue, the Speech Therapist has been working on my swallowing problem; I can now eat without coughing or choking.”


  • “Great Practice!!!”

    Irin M.

  • “Therapists are excellent!! Everyone associated with Preferred Physical Therapy is very helpful. They have helped me improve my condition greatly.”

    Robert S.

  • “Great facility!!!”

    Eric G.

  • “Excellent. Good staff.”

    Ellen P.

  • “Terrific results!! Totally satisfied.”

    Jacob H.

  • “I Started With Preferred Four Years Back, I Was Recovering From Both Prostate Surgery And A Quadruple By Pass While Suffering With M.S.. The More Burdens Your Body Carries The Worse For Your M.S.. I’m Actually More Capable Now Than When I Started, I’m Also Better Off Emotionally, Muscle Tone Is Improved Pluss I’m Older. 75 To 70 Isn’t Small And I’m Better Off. Nothing Changes Over Night, It Took 75 Years To Get This Bad, I’m Not Going Back To 25 But Feel A More Capable 70. I Also Practice What I Learn At Preferred In The Gym Here At Century Village. It Has To Be A New Life Style.”

    Richard N.

  • “Trevor and his team of experts and the real deal. I had a tennis injury, and Trevor, as a tennis player, was able to understand, diagnose and treat my injury. The team worked with me on an individual basis to treat my shoulder injury, and even provided me with strategies for continuing to play tennis. I highly recommend them.”

    Gary K.

  • “Trevor and crew are by far the most perceptive and competent therapists we have ever come across. They are excellent diagnosticians and treatment is always spot-on, caring, appropriate. Their clerical staff is also the best!”

    Noel A.

  • “I’ve been patronizing Preferred Physical Therapy for assistance with various injuries and issues for at least eight years. During all my visits, I’ve found every staff member who worked with me to be extremely knowledgeable, concerned, helpful and conscientious.The same holds for all the front desk and office personnel. For some time, I have recommended a large number of friends and colleagues to PPT, and will be happy to continue to do so in the future.”

    Joel S.

  • “Working hard has never been so enjoyable. The staff is warm, friendly and extremely competent. I have been working with Leslie and she is fantastic. Thank you all.”

    Bev K.

  • “Thank you for providing my wife and I with therapists that have been terrific in helping us get better.

    I used Michael and my wife used Leslie.

    My wife and I will surely recommend you to our friends and family.”

    Stanley S.

  • “It is indeed a pleasure for me to express a few words of gratitude on how your office and your staff have treated me both professionally and with grace.

    I am 71 years old and throughout my life, I have suffered from vertigo. In the past all other doctors or healers have always suggested taking medication and given me certain exercises. None of these methods worked. I was totally amazed when you explained the movement of the crystal in the ear and then gently manipulated me with the Epley Maneuver. Then within 10 minutes, I no longer had vertigo! For this I can’t thank you enough.

    Regarding my spinal stenosis and pain in my knees, after doing several TMR exercises with you, I feel that you have a more modern and practical technique then I have ever experienced before.

    I am hoping that in the next few months that I will have at least 50% relief.

    It is always a pleasure to walk into your reception area and to be greeted so warmly by your staff.“

    Michael S.

  • “I have spent 3 weeks after my knee replacement surgery in Trevor’s care. He and his team were first of all very knowledgeable but also very very friendly. There is a great and happy atmosphere every day, they are very motivating and they made me work really hard. The results and the progress after such a short while are just great. I am really happy and have just the highest praise.“

    Urs M.

  • “I am a snowbird, and this is the first time that I’ve been for physical therapy in Florida. I have never had such positive results anywhere else. My therapist actually spent the full hour with me – Melia was so professional and wonderful. Trevor operates a wonderful facility – I have recommended him to others, and will continue to do so.”

    Judy J.

  • “After several episodes of vertigo that lasted months each time with unsuccessful medical treatment, I was referred by an ENT to see Trevor for vestibular therapy. Trevor provided thorough education about vertigo and about the assessment and treatment processes. He was extremely professional, compassionate and responsive and skilled! Afterwards, he followed up to make sure I was doing well and he was completely accessible after hours to check on me. The treatment worked in just one visit!!!!! Would highly recommend !!!!!”

    Shawn P.

  • “Everyone I Worked With Was Very Helpful. With Your Help And The”Pnp” Injectin I Received From My Doctor I Have Greatly Improved.”

    Sheila S.

  • “The staff are very supportive, professional courteous & helpful and the premises are neat and tidy at all times. The facility is excellent with up-to-date equipment and I am benefiting from their expertise. I have a fractured back and a broken femur.”


  • “Very professional qualified staff. Very caring and talented group of therapist I have had been very happy with the results”

    Barbara G.

  • “Best therapy and service that any body can experience Friendly and cain personal Highly recommend”

    Aracely C.

  • “Had therapy three times a week with Melia. She was great and I am walking and happy. She was always on time and I was treated very well. Every one was very friendly. Trevor runs a tight ship.”

    Carole H.

  • “The first time I went to Preferred Physical Therapy was because of my knee pain. In just a few visits Trevor eliminated my pain with his treatments of electrical stimulation, massage and stretches which he also taught me how to do at home. I went back a few years later because my small shoulder pain turned into frozen shoulder. When Corina, the occupational therapist saw me for the first time, I could not even lift my arm straight out in front of me! Corina very patiently and gently worked through my pain, improving my range of motion with each visit, while monitoring my improvement. Today I… more”

    Susie B.

  • “This is by far the best Physical Therapy Office in all of South Palm/North Broward County. From insurance, appointment setting, facilities and equipment, to most importantly the treatment – the therapists are the absolute best. My son had a knee replacement and the surgeons attribute his speed of his recovery to Preferred Physical Therapy. I highly recommend this professional and goal driven environment.”

    Nancy F.

  • “My rehab at PPTA started with a very complete interview and evaluation of my problems and a first run-through of the exercises that I would do both in the facility and at home.The subsequent visits always included an initial evaluation of my progress and then again very specific exercises and procedures. The personal attention was truly astonishing and I’m convinced led to my speedy recovery.The reason for my need for rehab was acute vertigo. However, after a relatively small number of sessions, I have recovered and am now back at work and driving, neither were possible before the work that… more”

    Martin H.

  • “I have been going to Preferred Physical Therapy about 5 weeks about a bout of vertigo which left me with periodic dizzy spells. They have helped me so much and Trevir and his team are so kind and professional…….and it’s a lot of fun too!!!”

    Pat K.

  • “Dear Trevor and the entire staff!

    Beyond my wildest expectations, I am thrilled to let you know that thanks to you, along with your ENTIRE staff, I am free at last! Free from the most debilitating effects of vertigo.

    You Trevor, correctly pinpointed and treated most effectively, what I was told by many sufferers of vertigo, would be a long and drawn out treatment. The exercises you sent me home to practice, were sufficiently and patiently explained. I am certain that this greatly enhanced and attributed to my recovery so soon.

    It is not for nothing that your facility is often “Preferred” and the choice of so many discerning people in need of physical therapy.

    ​The friendly, caring and respectful manner which is extended to every person coming to Preferred Physical Therapy is so very commendable, and greatly appreciated.

    Your choice of naming your facility Preferred Physical Therapy, says it all!

    Many thanks to you all,”

    Mimi F.

  • “I was looking for a Physical Therapist for my very uncomfortable case of Vertigo. I was fortunate to have found Preferred Physical Therapy and Trevor Meyerowitz in particular. Trevor explained in detail what I was going through and what steps he would take to correct my Vertigo. He performed the Epley Maneuver to alleviate my problem and was successful on the first try. I highly recommend Trevor Meyerowitz and Preferred Physical Therapy.”

    William C.

  • “I highly recommend Preferred Physical Therapy , to help you relieve your aches and pains wherever they may be. The owner , Trevor, is an honorable and concerned leader who takes a personal interest in his patients condition. The entire staff is pleasant and knowledgeable in their specific field and gives their utmost to be successful with the patients.”

    Daniel B.

  • “Trevor taught me techniques to help with my knee pain. They really helped and it’s something I can continue on my own at home. Thank you Trevor !!”

    Samantha W.

  • “Every aspect of my experience with Preferred PT has been extraordinary. Reception and registration was highly efficient, and considering that it was done long distance before my arrival, was smooth and error free. And only superlatives can describe my therapist Kris, whose knowledge, expertise, and treatment program made my progress surprisingly quicker than I could have ever expected.”

    Michael S.

  • “I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the wonderful care that I received while attending your physical therapy facility.

    The staff was warm, pleasant and encouraging. Pat and Irin were so accommodating. Always with a smile, they were diligent in arranging sessions that were convenient.

    Your expertise and direction set the tone for a program that was right on target.

    Leslie, Steve and Melia took the time to figure out how best to address my needs and followed through with the proper exercises, including those follow up at home. They always, demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, experience, and compassion. They saw me as an individual.

    I appreciate all your efforts that lead to a successful experience..”

    Bennett R.

  • “When I first found out about Preferred PT, it was on Google. The reviews were amazing it literally sounded too good to be true so I had to call. I limped into my first visit in so much pain I could hardly stand. Trevor & his staff are AMAZING!!! He spent his time getting all the details & making a treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. Its only been a few weeks since I’ve been going & the difference is like night & day! I’m doing & feeling so much better. I’m even able to start my new job I was afraid of losing because I couldn’t walk. Thank you so much Trevor & everyone else, you guys are so kind & knowledgeable. If I could give this place 100 STARS I WOULD!!!!!”

    Danielle H.