Trevor Meyerowitz, RPT/CEO/Owner

  • Where did he study? Trevor studied 4 years of dentistry at Wits Dental School in South Africa. He then completed his B.Sc in Physiotherapy and graduated in 1990. He is also certified in Total Motion Release (for pain relief), as well as Vestibular Rehabilitation (for vertigo & dizziness)
  • When did he come to the USA? When their first child was 7 months old, Trevor and his wife emigrated to the USA in 1999. They settled in Boca Raton in 2001, where Trevor established his one man PT practice.
  • Why did Trevor decide to establish Preferred Physical Therapy in 2006? Trevor has always been passionate about helping others, and when he saw the lack of individualized care in the therapy field, he decided to incorporate all forms of therapy (including occupational and speech therapy) into his facility. He now has a team of 11 therapists, and strives to follow his mantra: ‘We treat all our patients as if they’re family.’
  • When interviewed recently, Trevor was asked what stood out in his mind about his Deerfield facility? ”Over the 17 years in my local practice, I together with my 10 therapists, have been very fortunate to treat thousands of local residents from Boca, Deerfield, Parkland, and Coconut Creek. Some have even come from Hollywood and North Miami to see our therapists. Besides all our wonderful local patients, we have been fortunate to recently have helped a professional tennis player, a former NHL ice hockey player and coach, and even a NY Giant football line-backer.”
  • Trevor highlights his most satisfying therapy experience? “My favorite aspect about physical therapy is when I or my colleagues show a patient that one simple stretch or exercise that can keep the pain away. Or when someone has the most common form of vertigo and after 1 or 2 sessions it is gone – the overwhelming gratitude they share with me and my therapists, after having had symptoms for so long, that’s what makes our job so satisfying.”
  • What does Trevor enjoy doing in his free time? When he is not working at his facility, Trevor can be found spending time with his wife and two daughters, or playing tennis, golf or table tennis.