Raquel da Costa Rangel, PT, MPT, MA

Raquel finished her Physical Therapy Bachelor degree in 1999 in Brazil. In 2001 Raquel concluded her degree as a Specialist in Orthopedics and earned her Physical Therapy Master’s degree in 2004 after defending and publishing her dissertation. Since then, she has worked in two PT Facilities specializing in Orthopedics, Postural Re-education, Neurological impairments, and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. While Raquel managed her PT practice, she was also part of the faculty staff at two universities in Minas Gerais/ Brazil, teaching Anatomy and Kinesiology to Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Physical Education Programs. She also delivered lectures to communities, hospitals, and a local TV show in Brazil for almost 12 years.

She is passionate explaining each phase of the therapy to her patients, and rejoices with their progress and success in treatment. Since Raquel and her family emigrated to the USA, she studied English and finished a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology at SFBC.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, teaching, and loves spending time with her husband and two boys.