“I was looking for a Physical Therapist for my very uncomfortable case of Vertigo. I was fortunate to have found Preferred Physical Therapy and Trevor Meyerowitz in particular. Trevor explained in detail what I was going through and what steps he would take to correct my Vertigo. He performed the Epley Maneuver to alleviate my problem and was successful on the first try. I highly recommend Trevor Meyerowitz and Preferred Physical Therapy.”

– William Cohen

“Dear Trevor and the entire staff!

Beyond my wildest expectations, I am thrilled to let you know that thanks to you, along with your ENTIRE staff, I am free at last! Free from the most debilitating effects of vertigo.

You Trevor, correctly pinpointed and treated most effectively, what I was told by many sufferers of vertigo, would be a long and drawn out treatment. The exercises you sent me home to practice, were sufficiently and patiently explained. I am certain that this greatly enhanced and attributed to my recovery so soon.

It is not for nothing that your facility is often “Preferred” and the choice of so many discerning people in need of physical therapy.

​The friendly, caring and respectful manner which is extended to every person coming to Preferred Physical Therapy is so very commendable, and greatly appreciated.

Your choice of naming your facility Preferred Physical Therapy, says it all!

Many thanks to you all,”

– Mimi Furst

“I have been going to Preferred Physical Therapy about 5 weeks about a bout of vertigo which left me with periodic dizzy spells. They have helped me so much and Trevir and his team are so kind and professional…….and it’s a lot of fun too!!!”

– Pat K.

“My rehab at PPTA started with a very complete interview and evaluation of my problems and a first run-through of the exercises that I would do both in the facility and at home.The subsequent visits always included an initial evaluation of my progress and then again very specific exercises and procedures. The personal attention was truly astonishing and I’m convinced led to my speedy recovery.The reason for my need for rehab was acute vertigo. However, after a relatively small number of sessions, I have recovered and am now back at work and driving, neither were possible before the work that… more”

– Martin H.

“This is by far the best Physical Therapy Office in all of South Palm/North Broward County. From insurance, appointment setting, facilities and equipment, to most importantly the treatment – the therapists are the absolute best. My son had a knee replacement and the surgeons attribute his speed of his recovery to Preferred Physical Therapy. I highly recommend this professional and goal driven environment.”

– Nancy F.

“The first time I went to Preferred Physical Therapy was because of my knee pain. In just a few visits Trevor eliminated my pain with his treatments of electrical stimulation, massage and stretches which he also taught me how to do at home. I went back a few years later because my small shoulder pain turned into frozen shoulder. When Corina, the occupational therapist saw me for the first time, I could not even lift my arm straight out in front of me! Corina very patiently and gently worked through my pain, improving my range of motion with each visit, while monitoring my improvement. Today I… more”

– Susie B.

“Had therapy three times a week with Melia. She was great and I am walking and happy. She was always on time and I was treated very well. Every one was very friendly. Trevor runs a tight ship.”

– Carole H.

“Best therapy and service that any body can experience Friendly and cain personal Highly recommend”

– Aracely C.

“Very professional qualified staff. Very caring and talented group of therapist I have had been very happy with the results”

– Barbara G.

“The staff are very supportive, professional courteous & helpful and the premises are neat and tidy at all times. The facility is excellent with up-to-date equipment and I am benefiting from their expertise. I have a fractured back and a broken femur.”

– Simeon.

“Everyone I Worked With Was Very Helpful. With Your Help And The”Pnp” Injectin I Received From My Doctor I Have Greatly Improved.”

– Sheila S.

“After several episodes of vertigo that lasted months each time with unsuccessful medical treatment, I was referred by an ENT to see Trevor for vestibular therapy. Trevor provided thorough education about vertigo and about the assessment and treatment processes. He was extremely professional, compassionate and responsive and skilled! Afterwards, he followed up to make sure I was doing well and he was completely accessible after hours to check on me. The treatment worked in just one visit!!!!! Would highly recommend !!!!!”br>

– Shawn P.

“Working hard has never been so enjoyable. The staff is warm, friendly and extremely competent. I have been working with Leslie and she is fantastic. Thank you all.”

– Bev K.

“I’ve been patronizing Preferred Physical Therapy for assistance with various injuries and issues for at least eight years. During all my visits, I’ve found every staff member who worked with me to be extremely knowledgeable, concerned, helpful and conscientious.The same holds for all the front desk and office personnel. For some time, I have recommended a large number of friends and colleagues to PPT, and will be happy to continue to do so in the future.”

– Joel S.

“Trevor and crew are by far the most perceptive and competent therapists we have ever come across. They are excellent diagnosticians and treatment is always spot-on, caring, appropriate. Their clerical staff is also the best!”

– Noel A.

“Trevor and his team of experts and the real deal. I had a tennis injury, and Trevor, as a tennis player, was able to understand, diagnose and treat my injury. The team worked with me on an individual basis to treat my shoulder injury, and even provided me with strategies for continuing to play tennis. I highly recommend them.”

– Gary K.

“I Started With Preferred Four Years Back, I Was Recovering From Both Prostate Surgery And A Quadruple By Pass While Suffering With M.S.. The More Burdens Your Body Carries The Worse For Your M.S.. I’m Actually More Capable Now Than When I Started, I’m Also Better Off Emotionally, Muscle Tone Is Improved Pluss I’m Older. 75 To 70 Isn’t Small And I’m Better Off. Nothing Changes Over Night, It Took 75 Years To Get This Bad, I’m Not Going Back To 25 But Feel A More Capable 70. I Also Practice What I Learn At Preferred In The Gym Here At Century Village. It Has To Be A New Life Style.”

– Richard N.

“Terrific results!! Totally satisfied.”

– Jacob H.

“Excellent. Good staff.”

– Ellen P.

“Great facility!!!”

– Eric G.

“Therapists are excellent!! Everyone associated with Preferred Physical Therapy is very helpful. They have helped me improve my condition greatly.”

– Robert S.

“Great Practice!!!”

– Irin M.

“Since Sue, the Speech Therapist has been working on my swallowing problem; I can now eat without coughing or choking.”

– Harold

“I look forward to seeing my caring therapist at home because they bring such different equipment that has really made all the difference.”

– Robert

“My therapist was so dedicated and knowledgeable about my condition, she got me up and walking independently after my total knee replacement.”

– Janice

“I was always afraid of falling but since Preferred’s Therapy Team has been working with me in my condo, I have lost all fears.”

– Ruth

“The personal attention and all the time that my therapist spends with me has made all the difference in my treatments.”

– Minnie

“I can’t believe how my back pain disappeared after therapy. It was so fast. I wish I knew about Preferred Physical Therapy sooner.”

– Morris

“You have helped my husband so much with his swallowing and his walking. You guys are such a gem.”

– Phyllis

“The patients I have referred to you are very happy with their therapy at Preferred. I love sending them your way.”

– Dr S.

“My patients come back to me with glowing reports about Preferred Physical Therapy.”

– Dr T.

“I can’t believe how my back pain disappeared after therapy.”

– Molly

“Therapy has helped me return to an active lifestyle.”

– Rima

“After my horse riding accident, I was limping for weeks. The therapists were able to focus the treatment to correct muscles and I had no pain within 3 treatments.”

– Pam

“The Pilates equipment you have at your clinic is unbelievable.”

– Harry

“Therapy has helped me return to soccer after my knee surgery.”

– Kelly

“Since I started therapy using the Balance System with the Parachute Harness, I have stopped falling.”

– Bob